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Training Needs Analysis

Providing the best possible training for your staff can have an immediate impact on the services to your customers, the attitude and outlook of your staff, and prepare you fully for whatever the future may hold.

The staff within your organisation will also have thought about their own future, and how they would like to develop. As a manager or team leader you will also have thought about the future. Considering the needs of both sides will shape the way your organisation moves forward.

Arrowscape have many years' experience in training needs analysis, are able to help you take a step back and look at the needs of you, your team and your organisation, and help you plan training and development in all areas. No matter what size your organisation, Arrowscape will be able to help you analyse the complete training needs of your business.

Business Needs Assessment

Most training is reactive. Assessing the actual needs of each team, or the organisation as a whole, is essential to ensure that all training received is relevant and appropriate. By spending time within your organisation we can help to implement the most effective training plan that will ensure measurable results. This is an essential part of planning for training that will have an impact from day one.

Individual Training Assessment

Each individual has different motivators, different styles of learning, and will normally have a clear idea of what training they would like. It may be that the individual wants to take a change of direction, or excel in a specific area. Conducting a one-to-one session with the staff member will ensure that any training received will be useful and delivered in a way they will understand. During this session training objectives would be put in to place so that the impact of training is measurable.

Targets and Measures

How do we know when training is effective? How do we know the training was the most appropriate? Do we want to ensure that skills are shared when returning to the workplace? There must be an impact from training and development, and results should be tangible. It is essential to agree with you and your team members what the impact of the training should be. Obtaining new skills can be expensive, however if you ensure that your ] targets are met in a measurable way, you will clearly see you are getting full value for money.

Sourcing Training

There are many training providers that offer excellent services. Ensuring that you are working with the correct company is essential to gain continuity and value for money. It is not always possible to find one company that can fulfil all of your training needs, so there is a certain amount of 'shopping around' that needs to take place. We are able to take on the challenge of finding the most appropriate training to suit your training budget.

Development Plan

Once training has been completed this is the most appropriate time to look at the future development needs of the team. This will ensure that the moral boost received continues through to the next wave of training. It is also the most appropriate time to talk to staff about how they would like to further develop their own skills, as the training just received will be starting to make an impact and will still be fresh in their minds.

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